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Barb’s Shared Home Testimonial, 2/25/2022

Mom has been referring to her room at the Wellsboro Shared Home as “home” ever since she arrived there two years ago. And indeed, wherever she is, the dining room, activity room, or walking in the halls, she has always felt right at home and well cared for. While the home itself is a comfortable and lovely physical space, the best thing about this personal care home is the way everyone cares and offers loving support in all that they do. Starting with the administrators, and everyone who works there, we see a loving, attentive environment for all permeating the whole atmosphere. That is what makes it a truly special place. This family atmosphere is extended to visitors as well. Incidentally, the home cooking is carefully selected for nutrition, and more important to Mom, it is delicious. Our family has been so pleasantly surprised by the ministry of care and competence for our mother.

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Anyone looking for a care home for a loved one should look no further. The Wellsboro Shared Home is run by two of the most loving and caring women and their staff is awesome. My mother has been there just a little over two years now and the care she receives gives me such peace of mind. Mother is always telling me how great the food is and the staff are so sweet and caring. I feel so lucky to have found this wonderful place. 

There has never been any doubt in our minds that our mother's decision to transition from independent living into the Wellsboro Shared Home was the right one. From the very beginning, Mom felt welcomed, respected, and her presence appreciated. She was heard to say while talking on the phone that first evening following admission, "I walked through the door and felt right at home!" She continues to feel very much "at home", safe and secure. 


Although other personal care homes may offer a setting in which the health and safety of their residents are protected, there is just something really special about the Shared Home. The atmosphere is warm, comfortable, and inviting, but we genuinely believe that the staff is what sets it apart from others. It is evident that staff members view their work as a ministry to those they serve as well as a way of earning a living. Their love and support are evident in all that they do. They have been able to build a strong sense of "family" among the residents, and this extends to their visitors as well. 


We are most grateful for the Wellsboro Shared Home and for the beautiful and loving environment that it provides. We know that our mother is happy and content and we always look forward to visiting her there. 

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