Our Story and Purpose:

Providing a home for independent, ambulatory, older persons was a vision of Dr. Ardell Thomas, M.D. In 1979 he shared his dream with Pastor Richard T. Purchase. Beyond providing room and board; the home they envisioned would to provide it's "family members" with companionship in a caring and distinctively Christian environment. 

During the planning stages a gracious victorian home became available. The combined efforts of the founders and many members of Pastor Purchase's congregation created the non-profit corporation now known as the Wellsboro Shared Home. The home continues to be a mission of the First Baptist Church in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. 

Our Program:

The Shared Home provides an opportunity for seniors to live cooperatively without the worry of shoveling show, food shopping, cooking for themselves, doing laundry  or other household chores. A competent staff is always on hand to meet the basic needs of residents 24 hours a day/7 days a week/ 365 days a year.


The close proximity to many area churches and other local attractions ensures spiritual, social, and cultural activities for the residents. Our residents are free to sign out for outings or family vacations. Access to transportation allows voluntary, home-sponsored excursions to local attractions. Residents are also offered regular activities scheduled at home including bible study, church services, hymn sing, bingo, and special crafts & activities.. Of course, visits by friends, family and community groups are always welcome and encouraged. Some of our residents even go to the local senior center on a weekly basis.

Our Residents:

Ideally, persons applying for residency in our home should be able to do the following: dress, bathe, and care for his or her own personal needs. Typically residents walk without assistance or with the use of a cane or walker (rollator). 


Routine illnesses, such as a common cold, are cared for in the same way as in a private home. Residents retain their own physicians and are encouraged to have regular check-ups. Family members are requested to provide transportation to and from doctors appointments. If travel difficulties make this impossible, prior arrangements may be made with the staff to meet this need.